Feelings as a source of power – learn how to feel naturally again

„Between suppressing feelings and overreacting on emotions, you can discover the power that lies within your feelings.“ – Vivian Dittmar –

The discovery of our feelings is an exciting adventure. Most people will find themselves in totally new places. We step into areas which we mostly avoid unconsciously. We conquer the jungle in the middle of ourselves. We experience the excitement that lies in fear and the power that lies in anger. Nothing is more fulfilling as the sensation of deep authentic joy, and nothing connects us more deeply with our inner self than sadness. Through discovery of our own feelings we may find what we were searching for a long time already.“


  • Re-learn to feel our own feelings again and discover how to use them as a source of power in our life
  • Avoiding patterns, how we suppress our feelings or how we use them to against others or ourself
  • Being in relation with our life and others in a responsible way
  • Increasing empathy for the feelings of others

Target group
Everyone of us can learn not only to handle our emotions, far more to release the power of our feelings.

We experience theory and practical experiences in a safe learning room, combined with sufficient time to reflect and integrate new insights.
Optional you can also experience the power of feelings in a one to once coaching sessions to dive into this world on a more personal level.

Pre Course Assignment
We recommend to read the book “Feelings as a source of power” by Vivian Dittmar, before attending the training.

Number of Participants
6 – 10

3 – 4 Days

Course Language:
German or English

Chiara Jana Greber Dipl. art therapist/-pedagogue and healing practitioner in Psychotherapy
Peter Gündling, Senior International Trainer and life coach

Mobile +49 172 664 0637
Email peter.guendling@peterguendling.de