Global Bridges
Remote and intercultural project management simulation

This program is designed to develop the skills for managing international teams separated by distance, culture, time and technology. The key learning’s will be experienced during a remote and intercultural project simulation. Where participants design and build a bridge by being organized in 3 remote production sites and a central project office as well as being separated in space, time and culture.

• Distinguish cultural, functional and remote issues
• Bridging cultural differences
• Faster teams and project kick offs and refreshed project management skills in a global environment
• Improved local delegation and empowerment
• Reduced traveling, lower cost and saved time
• Improved communication through technology
• More effective and shorter meetings

Method / Format
This seminar includes an awareness sessions, work related case studies and practical tools on day 1. Followed by practical application with a business simulation – Global Bridges on day 2.

Target group
Managers or members of a remote or virtual team. Project managers or project team members who work across culture and distance. Ideally you already had an exposure to international working or you are about to start working in this international arena soon.

Other requirements
Some exposure to remote and cross cultural working situations will greatly enhance the learning outcomes.
Post-program coaching call is part of the course. If you wish to take advantage of it, this can be arranged during the session.

Duration 2 days

Language English or German

Number of participants: 16


Peter Gündling, Senior International Trainer and one trainer from Success Factory

Day 1 of the workshop has been developed by Global Integration and day 2 by Success Factory Peter Gündling works for both of them as a licensed associate.

Mobile +49 172 664 0637