What counts in the end is not what we know, what counts is what we do.

Our structured and systemic approach is focused on implementing the new knowledge and skills in the daily business routines.

Structured approach:

Before the training:

  • Making sure that the right participants attend in agreement with the line manager
  • Pre reading and pre course assignments

During the training:

  • “Hard Fun – hard work and good fun” is our motto in our training sessions
  • Sophisticated theories and principles, case studies and lectures
  • Experiential learning: exercises linked to daily reality, role plays, art work, music and outdoor activities
  • Self-awareness: psychometric assessments, group feedback, peer coaching

After the training:

  • Newsletters to refresh and deepen the learning's
  • Individual or group coaching recommended one month after
    to clarify open questions and to facilitate exchange of experiences
  • Feedback to the line managers 3 month after on what has actually been useful is highly recommended

The role of the line manager is critical for a successful implementation of the new skills and competences.

Systemic approach
Ideally it is very helpful to embed the training and development activities in the organizational context and culture. A tailored approach is therefore highly recommended to make sure that systems and processes are in line.