Peter Gündling – Senior international trainer and consultant

Professional Background
Peter started his professional career at SKF, a global manufacturing and service company, as a mechanical engineer teaching quality techniques and running continuous improvement projects. With the implementation of Total Quality Management in SKF he switched to a position as a full time trainer and organizational development for Group HR & Sustainability.
Peter’s experience in training is truly global: in more than 16 years he facilitated workshops for over 10.000 participants at all continents of the world and from about 70 different countries.
International management, teambuilding sustainability and personal effectiveness have been his key training areas.

Peter started his freelancer career in 2008 and since then he added creativity, smart risk taking and leadership training to his portfolio.

His experience in sustainability includes various facilitation assignments and corporate roll outs of sustainability awareness training at SKF and Munich Airport. In addition sustainability lectures for various organizations and sustainability conferences.

Sustainability awareness started a curiosity in mindfulness and emotional Intelligence in him in the year 2003. Based on years of experience in Zen meditation, Vipassana and EQ-workshops, he now offers Search Inside yourself as a newly certified teacher from the SIY Leadership Institute, a neuroscience based training on mindfulness and emotional intelligence.

“Passionate – Inspirational – Deep”