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Wholeheartedly Welcome to Training & Development – Peter Gündling

Psychological safety & leadership

  • B-SAFEnough: Keynote – Psychological Safety & Leadership
  • B-SAFEnough for Managers – Leadership upgraded
  • B-SAFEnough for All – Skills for Self-regulation
  • Somatic coaching for employees in crisis
  • Result: Fail fast – fail forward, taking risk and resilience

The 7 principles of personal leadership

  • Increase proactivity, discover meaning & purpose and sharpen focus
  • Mindfulness and personal energy management
  • Create trust, empathic communication and synergy
  • Result: More effectiveness, connectedness and balance in life

Insight-Out – Mindfulness & emotional intelligence

  • Neuroscientific findings on mindfulness and EQ
  • Mindfulness, self-awareness and self-regulation
  • Motivation with a focus on values, a positive outlook and resilience
  • Increasing compassion and the ability to deal with conflict
  • Result: More presence, resilience and mental health

Somatic Coaching

  • Somatic Experiencing – dissolving inner blockages (traumas)
  • Integral Somatic Psychology – space for overwhelming emotions
  • Inner Constellation – integrating suppressed personality parts
  • Mindfulness and personal energy management
  • Result: Overcoming private & professional crises (burnout,…)

Physiological safety – Apollo Root Cause Analysis™

  • Facilitator training in the Apollo Root Cause Analysis™
  • Training in the RC Pro Software® for ARCA™
  • Expert Led investigation of incidents with fatal or potentially fatal outcomes
  • Trust and psychological safety for an open and honest investigation
  • Result: Zero-accident strategy, occupational safety and health

Training & Coaching, Online & On site, Integration into Everyday Life, Fun & Humaneness

Email: info@peterguendling.de – Mobile: + 49 172 664 0637

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