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7 Principles Of Personal Leadership

7 principles your journey to high focus and high energy, for more effectiveness,
meaning, connection and balance in your life.

Short description:

In this intra- and interpersonal workshop, participants will experience seven proven principles of personal leadership to overcome the traps of non-action, losing track and negativity:

  • Think proactive – being more self-driven and taking responsibility
  • Discover your purpose – linking personal vision and company vision
  • Focus on what matters – balancing long-term and short-term priorities
  • Renew your energy – manage your personal energy sources
  • Seek mutual benefit – collaboration based on trust vs. competition
  • Understand and take a stand – listen deeper with openness and empathy and speak assertively
  • Synergize – embrace differences, healthy friction and creativity

After this training participants should be able to:

  • take proactive actions and be more self-driven
  • define their purpose based on talents, passion, personal values and visions
  • to sharpen their focus on importance vs. urgency
  • strengthen their willpower and resilience
  • strengthen their personal energy and mindful balance in life
  • influence key relationships in their life (business and private)
  • listen with empathy and understand the situation as it is
  • take a stand with assertiveness and deliver synergistic results
  • embody their learning in a somatic and mindful way
7 principles Model

The course will be conducted through a mix of presentations,self-reflection and a personal energy assessment. In addition, the program is highly interactive and practical as participants are given several opportunities to practice and receive feedback from their learning partners.

The course offers somatic experiences and mindfulness exercises to embody the learnings for long-term impact.

The trainers also offer a 30-min individual coaching session for the participants, on their personal energy assessment or other vibrant topics, stimulated by the training. Time for that will be offered either during the training days or online after the course.

A follow-up coaching session four weeks after the classroom training offers room for discussing challenges, answering questions and refreshing the course content.

Target group
All people who want to re-energize and re-focus their work and their life to be more effective, to be more balanced and to feel more meaning and purpose in life.

Participants of the course ”7 habits” can get a refresher, a deeper more embodied experience and valuable additional content.


  • “7 habits of highly effective people TM” by Stephen Covey
  • “The power of feelings” by Vivian Dittmar

Number of participants


  • 3-3,5 days as a classroom training and 1 online follow-up module
  • or 7 online modules a 3 hours plus one follow-up module online

German and English, Coaching also in Spanish and Dutch


Lut Schops, Psychologist and Somatic Experience Practitioner
Peter Gündling, Senior International Trainer

Request a training in the “7 Principles of Personal Leadership”: info@peterguendling.de