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Somatic Coaching

Coaching for professional challenges

We help our clients to discover their way forward inside themselves, by:

  • opening their eyes for new perspectives
  • authentic feelings
  • and intensive physical experiences

Coaching core areas

We know we can make a difference especially in the areas of:

  • Finding purpose in life
  • Focusing on what matters most now
  • Assertiveness
  • Personal energy and renewal
  • Balancing work and home
  • Lack of empathy
  • Calming down big ego`s

Coaching approach

  • We work on a somatic, feeling and cognitiv level, offering challenges and exercises that help to embody change
  • We work according the GROW method from Sir John Whitmore

G oal

R eality

O ptions

W ay forward, and W illingness

Meaningfulness, goal or problem definition

Current reality, initial situation, history

Possible alternative solutions

Selection of the best alternative and motivation check for this path


Coaching for personal challenges

Individual Sessions


  • Developmental and complex Trauma
  • Shock trauma (PDST)
  • Overwhelming emotions
  • Burnout
  • Hyperactivity
  • Depression

Way of Working:

  • Somatic Experiencing
  • Integral Somatic Psychology
  • Inner constellation – integrating all parts of our personality
  • Mindfulness and emotional intelligence
  • Conciouss Dance


Beringen (B), Schweinfurt (D) or online

Cost :

70 Euro for a 1 hour session

Couple sessions

Facilitating and nurturing a WE-Relationship

Strengthening and revitalizing a WE in your relationship by:

  • looking at your story, how you got to know each other and reconnect with that fire
  • exploring your couple credo, values and future aspirations
  • improving your couple resources on an intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual level
  • facilitating presence, seeing each other and holding space for each other in the here and now
  • deepening connection on a heart level, being with each other in vulnerability and pureness
  • developing your couple communication from a WE perspective

Building Bridges to manage difficult times

Supporting couples in creating safety, respectful communication and dealing with triggers by:

  • developing a common ground and hope for the future
  • assessing the current situation on an intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual level
  • applying respectful and emphatic communication skills
  • setting and respecting borders, saying no clearly
  • balancing the impact of past impacts on the relationship, i.e. traumatic experiences or emotional set backs
  • dealing with future worries i.e. jealousy or fear of abandonment
  • balancing tolerance, acceptance and agreeing on a mutual way forward

Location: Beringen (B), Schweinfurt (D) or online

Way of Working:

  • Somatic Experiencing
  • Integral Somatic Psychology
  • Godman – Relationship Theory inspired
  • Mindfulness and emotional intelligence


Beringen (B), Schweinfurt (D) or online


  • 3-5 sessions for facilitating and nurturing a WE-relationship
  • 5-10 sessions for building bridges and managing difficult times

Cost :

100 Euro for a 75-min couple session


German and English


Peter Gündling, Senior International Trainer and SE / ISP Practitioner

Mobile +49 172 664 0637
Email peter.guendling@peterguendling.de