International Development Program for High Potentials


In this one year program we challenge and support high potentials to work agile, sustainable and globally connected. In three modules we will experience diverse cultures, visit benchmarking organizations and finally we challenge the top management with promising business projects. The program runs since 2002 on a yearly basis, with a proven record of results.

Business benefits for your company

  • attracting talent to your company
  • retaining and energizing High Potentials in your company
  • developing a global network of High Potentials based on trust and friendship
  • establishing an agile work culture, self-driven and with willpower
  • developing future successors for key positions
  • promising business projects as a ROI

Benefits for the High Potentials

  • to work more agile, innovative and self-driven
  • to gain skills and experiences to work across culture, in remote and complex organizations
  • to deliver challenging proposal on strategic business projects, given by top management or self-chosen
  • to know and feel what it means to work sustainable
  • to gain a decision base on future career path
  • to increase personal and interpersonal skills
  • to make friends for life and experience a lot of fun

Target group

Primarily, High Potentials being 3 – 5 years in your company, with a willingness to work international and a passion for personal development.
Secondarily, employees being >5 – 15 years in the company, looking for re-orientation and new challenges.


  • experiential learning challenges, out of the comfort zone
  • psychometric tools, SDI and career path from decision dynamics
  • presentations, videos, online support
  • visiting a CSR institution and sustainability projects
  • visiting benchmarking companies in your industry, i.e. clients
  • self chosen projects and projects given by top management
  • individual feedback and buddy coaching
  • individual coaching on personal growth from the trainer's
  • life impacting experiences

Timing and cost

  • three modules each 5 days
  • 10 days project work
  • 4000 – 5000 € per High Potential plus travel cost and VAT if applicable.

Number of participants
10 – 14

German and English, coaching also in Spanish and Dutch


Lut Schops, Psychologist and Somatic Experience Practitioner, Senior International Trainer
Peter Gündling, Mechanical Engineer, Senior International Trainer
Simon Gündling, Musician and Junior International Trainer

Mobile +49 172 664 0637